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Report - - Rooftops of Bank Junction, City of London - May 2021 | High Stuff |

Report - Rooftops of Bank Junction, City of London - May 2021

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28DL Member
A climb I did about a week ago, and also my first ever rooftop! Very easy access from a fire escape, and some simple climbing to access the different parts of the roof (there are some climbing ropes presumably left by people who came before). A quiet night with practically nobody in sight, in the small hours of the London morning; I went around 3am, so everywhere was practically deserted at this time. Great views of the City of London, including the Cheese Grater, Walkie-Talkie, St Paul's, and the Shard. Despite being easy to access, the roof is quite secluded, and you can walk to different roofs once you're at the top. It isn't super high, but it's good for feeling like you are among the skyscrapers of London. Curiously, someone left a set of 3 chairs at the top (which I have no idea how), and it was nice to just sit in the chair and take in the views.

I'd love to go back again to watch the sunset from up here, I bet it would look incredible. Also apologies in advance for the quality of the photos, as I don't have a camera so I just took them on my phone. If there are any other people who are into rooftops in London, don't hesitate to get in touch! I'd love to check out some more roofs



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As you guys can see London is kinda deserted at this time...

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^And here are the chairs!



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