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Report - - Rover Longbridge WW2 Underground Factory and Tunnels | Underground Sites |

Report - Rover Longbridge WW2 Underground Factory and Tunnels

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Oxygen Thief

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Something new for today while exploring with Dweeb, we found what we think was the underground shadow factory, this is where the aero engines were assembled during the war.

An extensive network of tunnels, with various access points for vehicles and pedestrians. There is a small gauge track for a trolley system which was probably the basis for a production line. The trolleys would start at the end of one tunnel, down the tunnel and use a turntable to turn 90 degrees, down the tunnel, and then one more turn to head back out down the other tunnel.

In the centre are male and female toilets, in excellent condition, still tiled in white, with the original cisterns and pans. There is an air circulation plant with a 100ft shaft to the surface with a ladder - climbed ;) . It has it's own sub-station which shows how much power this place consumed, also in this room is a battery area for emergency lighting.

There's some remnants of the old Morris days, several pallets marked 'Morris Engines Ltd'.

A good find and hopefully puts some rumours to bed.








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