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Report - Runwell Hospital - Aug 2010

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Runwell Hospital was operated by South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust until its final closure on 23 April 2010. From February 2008 until its closure, Runwell Hospital provided solely forensic mental health services in line with the trusts reprovision programme. The planned closure of the current Runwell Hospital, has lead to some services being reprovided at Rochford Hospital.

A more comprehensive history can be found here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Runwell_Hospital

My visit

Thanks to a quick search on here I found a venue to explore while working down South, was hoping for something a bit more relaxing than Pyestock; which I visited the previous week and didn't have the best of times!

I hadn't read any reports so didn't really know what to expect, I was dissapointed when I first saw the buildings, it looked as if much of it was still in use so left my camera in my van and went for a wander. Big mistake as the vast majority of the site is now no longer in use, but still in a very good condition.

The following evening I returned; this time with my camera and a few buildings in mind to try try and explore - the boiler house had looked good.

Runwell Hospital


One of the many passage ways


Another passage


Time stood still (water damage to this building)


The hardwood timber floors are excellent (again water damage to this area)


Yet more passages (nice to photo though :-)


Trashed skylight


Bathtime reflections


Main entertainment hall


The film projection room


An old record player in the projection room


Redundant boiler house


Alas, like much of the buildings I did not manage to access the boiler house. I realised at the end of my visit I had only scraped the surface of this site, and having now looked at the other reports can see what I was looking at through closed windows. Hopefully next time I'll find my way into a few more of the buildings :)​