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Report - Santastock Pyestock NGTE - Fleet, Hampshire - Dec 2012


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My second report in the New Members Section.

Most are aware there is a lot of information and reports on Pyestock. For those who don't know see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Gas_Turbine_Establishment

Santastock2012 was an idea that was discussed a few months a go between member D@ywalker and friend Mr Service.

The idea was to do a mass meet in a legendary place with the added spice of fancy dress and risk of getting caught, how many would come? How many would get caught?

52 made it with around 40 in fancy dress. It turned out to be a fun and epic day with most but not all escaping unscathed.

The morning started early with the alarm going off at 03:20! up, shower, shit, shave and down to D@ywalker's for 04:00 to meet up with MarkyMark and Mr Service, on the road and then up to Fleet for post Pye Maccy D's breakfast. We then made our way and slipped through the fence under the cover of darkness and made our way to the Air House Control Room. Once in we realised we were the second group in, over the next few hours we watched and greeted others as they sloped into the Air House, old friends were reunited and new friends were made, we chatted, farted, smoked and chortled until the sun slowly slipped up and over the horizon.

Then the fun and games commenced, we all got together for a few group shots in the Air House then decided to head over to Cell 4 for an epic phot. After that, one group decided to walk out in their Santa suits to the main gate as a decoy, this gave the remainder an opportunity to slope off an explore the establishment.

It was an awesome day and it was great to meet so many like minded people in such a random way

Big thanks to D@ywalker, MarkyMark and Mr Service (yes ladies he is available for parties and hen do's :p:)

Due to the nature of the day we only managed to get to certain spots, these pictures are parts that caught my eye. Hope you enjoy them.


No smoking.....apparently


A Xmas celebratory drink?.....on second thoughts


Cell 3





Cell 3 Control Room


"Is that supposed to happen!?"




Cell 2 Fully intact but unserviceable Rolls Royce jet engine (potentially Concord), probably one of the only things the gippo's haven't got to....yet


Cell 1


1st group shot in the Air Room, RAW file courtesy of D@ywalker


2nd group shot in Cell 4, RAW file courtesy of D@ywalker

Thanks to everyone for an epic and enjoyable day.


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