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Report - - Scarlett Radar Stations - 12/9/07 | Military Sites |

Report - Scarlett Radar Stations - 12/9/07

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Ok went back here today, after crossing some fields the farmer came driving out checking the gates and pulled up next to me. Recognised me as soon as he saw me and apologised as he thought I was someone else up to no good! Nice chap, confirmed the buildings were Radar Stations and said I could have a good nosey, and to feel free to take pics! I told him I was avoiding the animals but he said I should feel free to walk around, they won't be bothered and will just walk away. So with the go-ahead from the land owner, I had a look around!

First building I came across was the one I visted the other night, so moved away the door block on the side entrance and had a peek



was a bit of a mess


I imagine these were bunks


The end entrance got me to the other side of this door, just another way in, nothing to see


Onto the next one


This was full of manure and I did get a shot but it came out badly... who wants to see manure anyway? So I had a look on the roof


The side wall into the building, I imagine behind these doors were mounds of manure! Didn't want to open them..


This thin gapped wall surrounded the building


Behind the building I found this, which looked like a bit like an ROC from a distacne, but no :(


Had a shot with my fellow explorer, didn't come out very well and couldn't be bothered doing it again!


Onto the next one then, this was at the smaller entrance... S.C??


Went round back to find a large open entrance, This looked like a possibly two-storey building, so was looking forward to it... however...


I was wrong, another open space and a no-go! Converted to sheep pen so nothing there.
This looked interesting, maybe for another time?


So then onto the final one, or the Alamo as I was referring to it in my head... this is the largest of the lot and my original target


Didn't fancy clambering over this to get to the small side entrance


So went to the end instead, and here it is, the whole reason this explore excited me in the first place....



So a bit of a disappointment but it was my first explore, this is my first report, and I'm glad I got it done before going off to uni, these buildings would have bugged the crap out of me if I hadn't!
I learnt a few things on the way aswell: some farmers can be nice; you win some, you lose some; exploring can be thirsty business (good job I took the water with me); rabbits have the ability to jump out of nowhere and scare the crap out of you, and of course, I am hooked on urbex! Bring on Chester.
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