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Report - Scott House/West Park Hospital, Epsom - Feb 2020


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The explore :

After seeing this place online and thinking I was too late to see any of it ( Well I am technical) I saw that the ward was still there

so on a cold + wet Friday afternoon, we took a drive down to Epson cause we had the time off work to go and visit Scott's house - for a little ward with stuff left in it not gonna lie was pretty impressed.

we also did do the Hollywood house too... But that for another blog/report.

History:- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Park_Hospital,_Epsom

Although sometimes called an 'asylum' by urban explorers and the media,West Park was never officially termed as such, having opened as West Park Mental Hospital in 1923.The term had largely fallen out of favour by the 1920s and was made obsolete in law by the Mental Treatment Act 1930.

When complete the hospital could cater for around 2,000 patients of mixed class
The hospital was slowly run down from the mid-1990s, and by 2003 most of the hospital was closed and derelict
In November 2010, demolition began of the former hospital buildings. As of April 2011, most of the central buildings had been cleared with only a limited number of wards, the water tower and administration building being retained for conversion to apartments

Outside shot :

Some of the inside in no older

thanks for reading.​


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It's not 'Scott's House', it's Scott House, the name of the building/department when it was an operational hospital. Just FYI.
Bloody laptop atuo correct the name ! With the spell checker !

As I put it as scotts house and it changed it