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Report - - Scotts Fertilizer Plant - nr. Ipswich - 18/11/07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Scotts Fertilizer Plant - nr. Ipswich - 18/11/07

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Im not 100% sure of the history of this place but some parts have obviously been there quite a while!, i belive it closed around 1997 but no idea when it opened as such. Its basicly split into to halfs, the old factory which is a nice looking white building and a newer bit which is quite boringly modern. I basicly explored the newer bit today. I belive the site is used to house Polish workers (theres loads of caravans in the grounds) and i think they pretty much use some of the buildings as a builders yard for storing materials and such but for the most part its empty. There was cirtanly alot of activity inside and out at times however!

Pretty much the first part i came to was this nice little control room





A 'Gem 80' just like at pyestock

The bulk of the production areas were pretty much as you would expect, loads of piegon shit and pipes and stuff





Litraly right next to the railway line!

From there i wnt through to some sort of storage area



Now being used for builders junk and fords

And up into the convayor


At the end of the convayor there was a big opening where you could see the old bit of the factory and there were steps down but there was just too many polish guys about to get across to it so i had to call it a day there.


On the way back there were some guys inside the building so i decided to go up and hit the chimney



and that was about it for today, will head back sometime and do the rest as it looks interesting!

I love new stuff, even if its not super amazingly good it still beats the usual tourist trail explores.