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On the border between active and abandoned... -"Active ruin"?...
Just before a trip to Serbia, I found a blog post that was about a big hotel in Serbia, according to blogger it would be abandoned, and there were some exciting images. The building was very beautiful, 100% brutal concrete, completely to my taste! Wondered a little if it could really be empty, and if so, if it where possible get in for a little visit. Imagine my surprise when one of the travel companions slightly later emailed me and asked, "which of the nights we stay there?" ..... There were, after all, activity and opportunity to book rooms, so we planned a night on the trip there, and booked rooms.... :thumb

During the period from World War 2 until 1992 the city was called Titovo Užice, one of eight cities in Yugoslavia became "Tito's city". The latter half of the 1970s was marked by major Yugoslavia symbolic buildings, ranging from monuments to great Hotel. Hotel Zlatibor in Užice opened 24 september 1981, right next to the Partisan square and quickly became one of many symbols of Yugoslav confidence and a worry-free future, as well as the city of Užice's pride. The city had Hotel Zlatibor nicknamed "Sivonja," which means "The Gray Ox," which can be interpreted as a description of the building's color and size.

Small went big
The original idea was to build a small Hotel that would fit better into the surrounding buildings, four stories high, but a meeting with the mayor of the Montenegrin architect Svetlana Radovic who proposed a 15-storey high building, which appealed to the mayor. People in town said afterwards: - "Girl-like dream" and: - "If you see the building from above, so it is understandable that the architect is a young woman" however you interpret it... :cool

Luxuriously designed
Hotel Zlatibor was luxuriously designed, with 120 rooms and a total of 280 beds, the interior was (still largely) dressed in brown velvet, we had excellent service, a lure for tourists. Bar and grill restaurant were designed to attract visitors from other competitors. - The hotel was in the center. The visitors were well-dressed, the piano bar became a meeting place for the people. They had the best chefs, waiters, confectioners and other service personnel.

The war
So it was then up to the end of the 1980s. In connection with the collapse of Yugoslavia suffered property of sanctions against Serbia and a broken economy. Combined with the lack of maintenance / poor construction quality went decay rapidly. Broken furniture, problems with heating, and wallpaper that began fall from the walls. The only guests in the 1990s were: - "Those who did not know the condition of the property and those who had no place else to go"

The Hotel and nearby buildings / business get private owners which was welcomed. They went on a renovation effort, opened Casino, voluntarily donated some parts to Fitness and shops, but, it was perhaps not so successful ... and city residents feel a disappointment that Zlatibors soul disappeared ...

The visit
So, then it is the spring of 2012, Serbia and Užice bidding on a miserable weather, rain and +5 C. We check in. Very friendly staff who unfortunately says that no Hotel-Restaurant is open, but refers to a restaurant a short distance away, offering one of the best dining this trip! We live on the floors that were renovated, OK, but a little cold when the waterborne heating system is not working, broken TV, and some problems with hot water. I suffered most over how cold receptionist had it, a warm jacket in May.

In the morning we take the stairs down through the building. The top floors are easily refurbished, then begins to decay to rise, eventually completely torn floor, and the breakfast was very simple. Overall, I was pleased, however. Extremely beautiful building with lovely views, clean bedding, nice staff. Abandoned? No, Ruin? Almost...

The future
All the Serbs we came in contact with was very nice and it is a beautiful country. I hope that Serbia to resolve their financial problems (But, then it becomes more expensive beer... hmmm.... :eek: ) and that Hotel Zlatibor one day regain its former glory!


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