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Report - - The Royal Hotel, Llangollen (February 2024) | Leisure Sites |

Report - The Royal Hotel, Llangollen (February 2024)

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The Royal

The Royal Hotel

Located asides one of the Seven Wonders of Wales, this hotel has stood in dereliction for 5 years. And time shows
This place scares me, owned by a construction firm this is truly a scary place.

Some history;
One of the most prominent buildings in Llangollen, sighted when you are going through the silk road of Wales.
The oldest parts of the building are thought to be dated Mid 18th century, the hotel is seen in a commercial directory of 1752 when it was called the King's Head.
The hotel was enlarged in the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian eras, as more and more people visited Llangollen or used it as a resting place on long coach journeys. Evidence of the building’s organic growth is visible today in the varying architectural styles of different sections.
In 1832 Princess Victoria, the future queen, stayed at the King’s Head with her mother, the Duchess of Kent. Consequently it was renamed the King’s Head and Royal Hotel.
Since it's dereliction in 2019 there have been MANY plans and concepts. The most recent plan was estimated to cost £6,500,000 which would transform the building completely.
There was another plan submitted earlier this month, which scares me. There's alot more to see compared to what i'm showing you, it truly is a stunning place and it really is a shame to see it rot. Hopefully Knight's Construction make good use of it:)

Pictures; (Shit quality since taken on iPhones in low light)
patio[]front view.png

Front Bar overlooking the river Dee


Picture of it previously for comparison

upper right corridor.png

Another corridor

lower hall entry.png

Main corridor

upper right empty room.png

Another room

Upper right room.png

Presumably the en-suite


Previous picture for comparison

upper right room 2.png

A view of Llangollen bridge, featuring a drawing of The Royal Hotel


A weirdly clean corridor


One of the rooms, suffering ceiling collapse


The Ballroom


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A lot of history there. Would of liked to see some older features, shame they have modernised it so much. Thanks for the share.

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