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Report - Severalls Hospital Chapel - March, 2016 - part 1

Severall Hospitals

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Hello Folks!

Well, first off, I'd like to say I'm eternally indebted to 0v3rcaffeinated, who's kind assistance really paid off, resulting in me seeing the inside of the Chapel for the first time in what had been a very, very long 15 year wait!!! :thumb

A bit of History.....

Severalls Hospital was the Second County Asylum for Essex, and was constructed between 1910 and 1913, in an area known as The Severalls, off Boxted Road, in Mile End, to the North of Colchester.
The Chapel, which stands in Mature Woodland to the North of the Main Hospital Buildings, was one of the last Buildings to be erected, in about 1913, and for reason/s still un-known to this day, was not fully completed (the Northern Aisle was never constructed) - possibly as it was never used to full capacity at a guess? Apparently the Hospital fell into near dis-use in the 1980's, when it was closed - a good few years before the Hospital closed in 1997.

For full History of the Hospital, please check out this website: www.severallshospital.co.uk

Hope that you'll enjoy my take - not a "Pro" photographer by any stretch of the imagination, however hopefully has captured the essence of this beautiful Building - which is sadly earmarked for Demolition (is not Listed) :(

Looking East towards Altar (left-hand Aisle never built)

Where the Pulpit once stood.....

The beautiful stained glass windows, with Jesus in the centre, a Doctor and a Female Patient to the left, and a Nurse and Male Patient to the right. I understand that these windows were installed in 1963, for the Hospital's Golden Jubilee Celebrations.....http://severallshospital.co.uk/#/history-golden-jubilee-1963/4569620128

The Pipe Organ

Looking West back towards the Main Entrance doors

Northern wall with recess (Aisle beyond never built)


Electrical Cabinet (many of these dotted around the Hospital) - some above Ground and many below in the maze of Service Tunnels http://garyrowe.co.uk/stuff/severalls/

....."Let there be Light".....

More to follow.....

Severall Hospitals

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Part 2:

Looking up along Southern wall.....


Stone Detail at base of stepped brickwork pier on the Northern wall.....





One end of Southern Aisle. Note the hole in the wall, where the dividing screen wall once stood (which formed a small Lobby)





Last lot on their way.....

Severall Hospitals

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How many parts are you planning ?

Give me a shout if you need to change the username for future reports :thumb
Hey Ojay,

Yes - my "bad" - the "part 1" in the Title can be removed please - I'm not adding any more photos. Sorry for the error! :banghead


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I turnt up here on the 23 April got caught instantly then tried a second time was up the fence saw some contractors then had to hide for 15 mins before being caught escorted of nicely and no consequences happened.