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Report - Shrubhill Tram Depot Edinburgh May 2011


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28DL Full Member
This one was a short visit to a nearby location, unfortunately I couldn't get out with my usual partners in exploring so decided to have a venture out by myself to this one.

Until the 90's this was a depot originally for Trams and then latterly for buses, this is where all the maintenance was carried out for the Edinburgh Corporation Transport Department and Lothian Region Transport.

Some pictures of how it used to look can be seen here.

There has been various discussions on what the future plans of the site will be, ranging from a housing development to a site for a large hotel but none of these have materialised with the place seemingly stuck in limbo.

The pictures are stills from a video I made which can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HRMAqiPMis

The outside of the main building.

A view of the chimney from the main building.

Inside the main building.

A view of the ladder leading up to a beam which I assume was used to get to the top of the trams and buses.

On getting inside it suddenly became sunny, here's a pic of the sunshine through the little remaining glass.

A view of the circular windows inside, one with and without glass.

Some burnt equipment from inside.

The place was rife with graffiti.

Graffiti again.

Final shot of the sunshine coming down to the main entrance.

The place was pretty much destroyed with several of the buildings already demolished but it seemed like decent place for a short afternoon explore.