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Report - Slim Pickings, Manchester - April 14


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I was wading through the Medlock with TheVicar some years back when we came across a large grilled outfall, with no obvious way in we passed it by. More recently I met up with Gone to give a likely lid a go but it had rusted shut and even with encouragement it remained sealed.

Eventually we found a way in (hence the name) and headed up the 2m spraycreted pipe. We passed through a concrete inspection chamber after which glimpses of brick could be seen in subsequent manhole shafts. There was one sidepipe along the route which led a short way to a dropshaft, this delivered a meagre flow and upstream the main pipe was bone dry.

After a long walk we rounded a corner and were met with a brick chamber with a bisecting wall. Looking upwards a multi landing access shaft went up quite some way to the surface.




Sitting on top of the wall looking down the other side it was obvious it was a stilling pond, there was a large concrete scumboard overhead and the sewer disappeared through a small penstock to pass under the spill channel we had just been in. I wasn't expecting the sight that awaited us at the bottom.



The 9ft sewer enlarged into a brick funnel that was around 14ft at the bottom. Steps either side allowed us an easy way up and the rats a good place to dig into the mud that had built up at the top.


We continued up the interceptor for around 50m before deciding there was enough to photograph for one evening. The manhole shaft we stopped at was under a main road and the bang of traffic over the lid was loud enough to make us jump every time.


Back in the chamber, one of the landings above gave access to a passage that lead down to the sewer on the other side. Time had ran out so I didn't go down but there's a chance of access to the downstream section and walking all the way down to SSSI where it joins the Work 5 Interceptor.

A few more shots here: substormflow - Slim Pickings
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The downstream section shrinks for a while


You can pick it up further down stream but the flow is ridiculous, not something I was able to stand up in, I'm trying to find the one pic I took before it joins the overflow at Collyhurst

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