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Report - Slop Pail, Elton Manchester 09/2010

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I’ve known about this drain for over 30 years, I used to play around this area as a child. I remember a huge Victorian arch covered in wire a big metal gate we always used to try and get inside it. As im back here for a short while I decided to go track it down but to my disappointment all I found was a land fill and a housing estate.

So I gave it up as a epic fail, but on a social visit to a friends house I was discussing the site with them and his 12 year old daughter said I know were there is a urbex spot
It’s a drain with water….emmm cool into the car and took her to show me.
Yep for sure a rcp about 12 feet wide about 200 metres from were the original arch was (back on track)

After another 30 mins searching the area I found a grated in fall with a access cover goin in the right direction for the arch(sorted)….As im pretty much a drain virgin only ever done one before(the works) I contacted mr Ojay….

Met up with Ojay over six weeks ago just to go and take a look with no cameras or equipment .At first it seemed to be just a rcp storm drain but after a little while it opened up into a Victorian drain some brick and some stone, in some parts it was like a street with stone arches and stone floor. We spent about 2 hours down there covering it from start to finish it has two in falls and one out fall eventually finishing up in Elton reservoir…

The next visit was with myself Ojay,Host and a old school friend Joanne this time cameras in hand. To cut along story short it wasn’t raining when we went in but it was outside. We entered into a trickle of water we exited with it up to our knees and fast flowing (explore abandoned).

Now three weeks on due to day job shifts and terrible weather myself and Ojay were back (this being last night)

As far as I know this drain has not been done before we went in over six weeks ago so im claiming naming rights (if im wrong I apologise) no doubt someone will set me straight if I am .This storm drain is called SMURFS HOLLOW..

As I don’t know about drains and the lingo im sure Ojay will give a better description
On with the pictures……

Just to say cheers Laura Stanley for getting me on track………..

















Thanks for looking Oldskool,Host and Ojay


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