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SM Steel Works, Belgium (August 2015)


Behind Closed Doors
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As soon as I heard about this place I was planning a trip! All the cool computers and working lights were too much to resist, and my only hope was it would all still be running by the time I got over there. Not only were all the computers still on, there were actually more of them! The place isn't abandoned, it's currently closed down while upgrades are made - control systems being made fully computerised and everything brought up-to-date. What you see here is state-of-the-art production and it's pretty bloody impressive!

1. The mighty steel production area

2. View down the production area

3. Small control room

4. Machinery for working with the newly produced steel

5. Control station turned on and ready to be used

6. Electric Arc furnace

7. Dark control room

8. Workers newspapers and safety glasses

9. Control panel

10. Process control system display on computer screen

11. Control room had a radio playing

12. Control room with lots of computers sill running

13. Computer display

14. Steel production area

15. Wheel barrow and machinery

16. After production the steel would make its way through the rolling mill production lines

17. Rolling mill from above

18. Rolling mill production line

19. Rolling mill control room

20. Machinery in the rolling mill

21. Row of machines

22. Heavy lifting equipment in the rolling mill​


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ooooo... STUFF!!!! lotsa STUFF!!! Quite a bit of the 'ol industrial poRn there, i'd say! ace pics! :thumb


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OMG how cool is this place? I'm amazed it was accessible, vandals and pikies would have a (very expensive) field day in there. If you ever get the chance to see a mill operating grab it! Nothing says sturm und drang quite like the sheer violence of a steel mill in use. Unfortunately unless you happen to be flitting about the third world the chances of finding an open hearth mill are slim at best and nothing beats those for grandeur and a sense that you have just walked into hell on earth.