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Report - SSSI Drain / Sewer Overflow‚ Manchester

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This is my second drain explore after visiting The Works in September and learning a few tips on being better prepared and photography in low light conditions.
Thanks to Alias for the comprehensive list of kit and tips on preparation for draining and to JD for location info.

Following on from the works, we first visited the outfall of Inhospitable which was within a fenced off location in a park.
The outfall was quite impressive being about 6 feet in diameter and constructed from blue brick and located about 7 feet high into the bricked up arch.




The brook flowed for a few yards before disappearing into what I believe is the Coit, a low roofed tunnel that runs for about 300 yards.
We didn’t bother trying to get through this as it didn’t look much fun.


We accessed the brook again where the brook exits the Coit and made our way to the outfall of SSSI.
This tunnel is about 5 and a half feet in diameter, so a little bit of stooping was required.


This tunnel must have run for about 400 yards or so whilst turning a few bends here and there, until a large manhole chamber was located on the left hand side.
This chamber appeared relatively new.




Another 250 yards or so and the sewer interceptor chamber was reached. This room stank of shite but was quite impressive with its excellent brickwork and large penstock gate. The flow of turdy water was rapid and it was very noisy as further up the sewer tunnel the filth crashed over a waterfall.






Mucky iron steps led to a room above which housed a large induction motor for lowering/lifting the heavy penstock gate. The room was hot as there was a heater on the wall to keep the motor from getting damp.
At the other side of the room was a ladder down the arch at the other side of the sewer and another up a very long way to a manhole.
I didn't take any pics of this as it was not easy to get the camera and tripod up there.

These pics are of the tunnel leading from the overflow chamber.



This final picture was taken outside the outfall where the brook runs underground before eventually joining the river.


All in all, a worthwhile visit. :)