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Report - St George's Hospital Hornchurch. Night/Day. August 2018


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Greetings 28DL. Today for your delectation, i bring to you a report from St George's Hospital. A charming location in north-east London that is sadly soon to be removed in favour of housing development. The grounds are extensive and the twisting passages and corridors of the place sometimes seem to go on eternally. If you have the time to check this place out, you will be well rewarded as it contains some excellent exploration gems.

Status: Soon to be demolished. Multiple demo vehicles on-site.

Security: Moderate. Expect IR cameras, security patrols + dogs. Several explorers have already been busted so do take care!

Vandalism: Very low to none.

Must see: Many stunning murals on the walls, the theatre, the water tower.


St George's Hospital was built in 1936 and was originally known as Sutton's Institute - a home for the elderly. During the war it was taken over by the MOD and used to accomodate airmen from RAF Hornchurch. After the war in 1948, it was taken over by the ministry of health and renamed St George's Hospital, at which time it could take care of 700 patients. In 2006 a member of staff was stabbed to death just outside the grounds while on a cigarette break. The hospital finally closed in 2012 because of 2 reasons. 1, There was a legionella bug outbreak and 2; GP's were unwilling to move to the site which was earmarked for major improvements at the time.

The explore

I've seen this place posted a coule of times (including fairly recently here on 28DL). At the time of heading over there, i was actually trying to get in somewhere else but had been thwarted twice by high security. Intruiged by the paintings on the walls at St George's, i decided to switch targets. Opting for my usual night-time approach, I spent around 5 hours on the site, over the course of 2 visits. On my first visit, it took me around an hour and a half to get in, mainly because I'd initially insisted on a rediculous Shinobi style stealth ninja approach which ultimatly failed hard, leaving me feeling unbelievably frustrated. Anyway, the next attempt took just 10 seconds, which was very helpful when i returned a few days later :D

One very important thing I want to say here is that the site is extremely dangerous to explore at night if you have zero knowlege of the place, mainly due to the place being littered with drains and man-holes, all of which are open and some of which are quite deep. Expect another hole around every corner, as there probably will be one. Early on during my first day there, I fell down one of these but was lucky that it was fairly shallow. Even so, it still cost a large cut on my right hand and a badly bruised tail bone. Add these to 2 large holes in my shin and around 20 other minor cuts and bruises and you have a pretty bloody adventure. My doctor was not impressed, and I have since resolved never to explore again that tired or without strong hands free lighting. 5 days after my fist visit I was back in there, but this time I was well slept and equipped with a new headtorch resulting in an entirely injury free explore. I also managed to capture everything I'd missed before.





This was the first photo I took during my first attempted approach. Although I'm unaware of it at the time, i'm actually standing just meters away from where the murderer was before he carried out his attack on the hospital staff member.




The long walkway that links 2 of the major buildings is where most of the Murals can be found.





The theatre.







This tight and creepy passage is a link from the main central building to a ledge that leads onto the theatre roof.


Rooftop doorway leading into the loft over the theatre.


Theatre loft. You can see the lamps sticking through the floor to the large hall below.



Ground floor of the water tower.




The flooded basement.


Surprisingly sturdy.


Almost there!









As an explore location, the place is stunning in various ways. Thumbs up to the guys who've managed to keep it this way for so many years, and well done to any other explorer who managed to see it for themselves :D


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Good bits RedX, well done. This right here is national heritage. A tragedy when it will be bulldozed. Any picture of it is priceless. Worth more than everything in the Tate Modern combined.


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28DL Full Member
Good bits RedX, well done. This right here is national heritage. A tragedy when it will be bulldozed. Any picture of it is priceless. Worth more than everything in the Tate Modern combined.
Thanks. And yes I agree, the paintings are valuable pieces of history. I'm tempted to go back there and catalogue the whole lot in one go.


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Nice one we did this not too long ago despite its empty ness it has charm. You find the morgue ? No table just fridges