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Report - St joes seminary - may 2015

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writing never was my strong point and now my laptop keyboard is falling to bits I am screwed either way, so the following had been strung from another website! shh... don't tell ;)


St. Joseph’s (usually referred to by its students simply as "Upholland") was one of two main seminaries serving the north of England. Upholland served the northwest,Unshaw College the northeast . For many years, each of these institutions housed both a junior (minor) and a senior (major) seminary. The junior seminaries provided a secondary education in a semi-monastic environment to boys aged 11–18 who wished to pursue the priesthood, while the senior seminaries trained adult candidates (mostly aged between 18 and 24) in philosophy and theology as they prepared for the priesthood. A detailed account of daily life in the junior seminary at Upholland during the 1960s was published in 2012. This account also explores the reasons why the Church's traditional form of seminary training may have predisposed certain priests to molest children, which was one of the key findings of a major investigation conducted on behalf of American bishops into the causes of the sexual abuse crisis within the US Catholic Church.
Although Upholland flourished until the 1960s, the rapidly changing social climate in that decade led to a sharp drop in enrolment. In the early 1970s, the northern bishops decided to consolidate the activities of Upholland and Ushaw; from 1972 all junior seminarians in the north attended Upholland, and from 1975 all senior seminarians attended Ushaw. Even as the sole junior seminary for the north of England, however, Upholland continued to suffer a decline in enrolment, and by the 1980s was no longer a traditional seminary but a "boarding school for boys considering a vocation". In 1986 the total number of students was down to 82, of whom only 54 were Church students, and it was no longer viable to educate them on the premises. From 1987 the remaining students attended St. John Rigby College in nearby Orrell for their schooling, an arrangement that continued until the very last of these students left Upholland in 1992.

More present uses-

The building has acted as a film location for the McQueen Church explosion in the Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks and in 2012 Lacey Turner filmed scenes for the TV series Bedlam. In March 2013, the feature film 'Noble', based on the life of Christina Noble, filmed scenes at the college where it doubled as an orphanage.

Notable alumni[edit]
John Battle MP (Lab) (b. 1951), Labour MP for Leeds West
Alexander Jones (d. 1970), considered one of the world's leading biblical scholars. He lectured extensively and authored innumerable articles and several books based on the Scriptures. Formerly a senior lecturer in divinity at Christ's College, Liverpool, he had followed his time at Upholland with studies at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome and at the Biblical Institute, also in Rome, as well as L'École Biblique in Jerusalem
Anthony Kenny Distinguished British Philosopher and Master of Balliol College Oxford. Nephew of Alexander Jones.
Michael Kenna (b. 1953), Artists and photographer
Paddy McAloon (b. 1957), singer with Prefab Sprout
Michael Joseph Pennington (b. 1971), AKA "Johnny Vegas", TV personality, actor, comedian
Bishop John Rawsthorne (b. 1936), Bishop of Hallam
George Carman QC (1929–2001), distinguished defence counsel in many of the most celebrated criminal and libel trials of the last quarter of the 20th century.
John Storey (b. 1963)- Presenter - Radio City - Liverpool
Alan Jones (b. 1967) AKA "Alfie Joey", comedian, presenter of BBC Newcastle's Breakfast show.
Paul Wroblewski, television drama director (b. 1963)

Didn't get many worthy pictures but i hope what i managed to get satisfies your apatite!

Out side, no security yet...


probably a familiar site to any and all that have had the luxury of being here!

i did find the other one just down the lobby way!

beautifully preserved


Mr Pink! there you are

pristine clockwork



not great pics but all i had because i only had my phone at hand, please leave feedback and comments as this is my first post!


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Two things mate, can you delete the Wikipedia spam links please. And also the stupid @GRONK tag. Not your fault, these things are sent to test us.

@GRONK - that's not the first time people have photographed your graffiti, please don't associate 28DL with that again.

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Right, there was only two in existence, The other one is long gone and this one will be gone as soon as I can get near it.

Nice report mate, well done on getting in.
this was back when it wasn't to hard, working on a new way in seen a couple of spots but they involve barbed wire, something i am well acquainted with ;)

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Right, there was only two in existence, The other one is long gone and this one will be gone as soon as I can get near it.
Cheers mate, I hope you can see it from our point of view. There's so many haters (mainly incapable goon tourists) out there, we really don't need to be giving them ammunition to fire at us. Anyway, you've been on this website long enough, I'm surprised people aren't writing your tags for you. It's very ironic that the mantra brigade are driven to such lengths.
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