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Report - St John's Asylum re-visited, Lincoln - September 2013


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Bracebridge Heath… now that place name rings a bell or two....

Been here many a time now… so many in fact that Ive probably contributed greatly to the little toll bridge on the A57 en-route to the asylum.
First time was a few years ago, where I just enjoyed wandering the grounds… boring for some perhaps, but enjoyable nonetheless for me. a return saw a memorable kicking out by a charming security man brandishing a hammer and an attitude… nice chap. Third time was better, but a camera fail meant I just had to wander the inside and not have any photograph memories. Fourth time was an early morning wander as I was on my way to another destination, but couldn’t hang around and ho-hum, didn’t have a camera on me to record the morning… Fifth time meant access into the men’s section of the hospital but found no through route into the other section of the building where I wanted to be.

However, a recent visit for what would now be the sixth time made for a nice sunny morning’s mooch about inside to see how developments on the renovation of the place were getting on… Very peaceful and ambient… a far cry from the high winds and pouring rain I encountered whist sitting atop a pigeon-infested water tower the previous night, listening and watching as it appeared to be “kicking out time†at the village pubs.
Brief history, as this place has been visited so many time, but for those who haven’t heard of it: -

St John’s was built in 1852. It has been known by many names over the years, including Lincolnshire County Pauper Lunatic Asylum and Bracebridge Heath Asylum. The name of “St John’s†was finally given in the 1960’s. Built in the Italian style, its architects were Hamilton and Thomas Percy.
The grounds of the asylum, which covers some 120 acres were cultivated by the inmates themselves… who at around the time of the turning of the twentieth century were growing their own vegetables.
Since closing in 1989, the asylum has had planning permission to renovate the asylum and surrounding buildings in houses and apartments, keeping the original features but since the last contractors went into administration… work was put on hold until 2012 when a new property development firm took over the plans. As it stands now, the place is almost entirely stripped inside which is what I was expecting… but since I have a penchant for old asylums this did naught in the way of spoiling things… as to me, there is nothing better than wandering around old asylums and hospitals.
Driving back on the fifth visit, I was counting in my head (partly out of curiousity and partly to keep me awake whilst driving!) that St Johns is now my 23rd hospital/asylum visit.. not too shabby… but many, many more still on my list to do :)

Couple of externals and the water tower




Up the water tower at night... I do apologise for pictures, but it was pouring, pitch black, windy as hell, and I have still to learn how to take photos under those conditions as its the first time Ive done this ...



And in the building itself: -​












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