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Report - St. Joseph's Missionary College, Mill Hill London - November 2012


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After what I’d heard about security in this place and the lack of reports recently, I wasn’t expecting to get in in my wildest dreams. Added to that, there were loads of trucks going in and out so a lot of activity going on inside.

A little walking around though and I was in! Turns out there was a film crew there who I almost bumped straight into near the chapel. Fortunately, they had music playing so they couldn’t hear me creeping about.

I was in for about 2 hours and didn’t see half of it. A lot of the rooms have been stripped bare since other reports and most of the original missionary material had disappeared. By about 5pm it was getting dark and I was getting out. Or so I thought. I walked up and down going from corridor to corridor and I couldn’t the door I entered through – and when I thought I found it, it was locked. The film crew had all left at this point so had I been locked in? It was getting really dark now and I was rather shitting it. Hence I didn’t have time to be too arty with my pics as and in some rooms, I couldn’t actually see what I was taking a picture of.

Finally, I realised that the door that was locked wasn’t in fact the same one I entered from – all the corridors looked exactly the same though and my sense of direction is pretty poor, so was bound to happen! So I went down a floor and found the correct way out. Phew!

At this point, got a call from my brother saying he wants to come. I thought why not. So we went in the pitch blackness with a torch and found some new areas.

Very cool explore but there’s still so much to be seen. A return visit harks.

Spoke to security afterwards asking if we could go in (just for the lols) and he said, rather predictably, no. He also said they were filming this - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1983079/







The auditorium




The dressing area with a mysterious smiley face on one of the windows – swear it wasn’t there when I took the picture :eek: