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Report - St Joseph's Orphanage Prestion April 2017


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St Joseph's Orphanage for Roman Catholic Girls, in Preston, Lancashire, was officially opened on September 19th, 1872.

The Orphanage received and trained orphan and destitute girls from two years old and upwards. Girls generally remained until the age of 14 or 15, some longer. As well as classroom education by a certified schoolmistress, they were taught housework. Some were trained as teachers, while others were placed as servants, shop-girls, machinists, or in other employments for which they showed aptitude. Many went as servants in hospitals.

In 1877, a further gift from Mrs Holland, funded the construction of a hospital for the sick poor. It was located on Mount Street, immediately adjacent to the Orphanage.

On 22nd March 1879, the Orphanage was officially accredited as a Certified School, allowing it to receive girls boarded out by the workhouse authorities. Its certification was cancelled on 17 July 1890.

The whole site subsequently became St Joseph's Hospital, with accommodation for workhouse girls being provided at the new Moorfield Orphanage, which opened in 1905.

During the First World War, St Jospeh's provided care for wounded soldiers including some Belgian troops. From 1958, the site also acted as a training centre for nurses. After the Hospital closed in the late 1980s, the Mount Street Nursing Home operated on the premises.

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The explore

It was late and I was on my way home to Doncaster and I nearly gave this a miss as I did not want the hassle of driving and parking in the centre of Preston, I am glad I made the effort. Getting in was a struggle due to me being a big guy then I found out I left my P7 in the car, instead of going back to get it I struggled on with a LED keyring light hoping that the Light situation would improve as I made my way upstairs which it did

As for the building I have to say it ranks as one of the best explores I have ever done, the place has so many different areas each having a different feel and the corridors seemed to go on forever I really thought as it was getting dark I wouldn’t find my way out

The vandalism of this amazing building is such a shame and only seems to get worse with age but worse of all is the lead which was stolen from the roof has left the building no longer watertight which is destroying the fabric of the building











Not posted a report in a long time but I have been doing lots of lurking​

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