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Report - St Joseph's Orphanage, Preston, Lancashire - April 2014


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St Joseph's Orphanage, Preston, Lancs
Alright guys its JB
Ive just had a quick look through the other posts of this beautiful place and some of the other lads have done a really good job of documenting st Josephs so sorry if im repeating what they said...

St. Joseph’s Orphanage was built and partially endowed by a local Catholic lady – the lake Mrs. Maria Holland – in 1872.
The Orphanage itself was exclusively for Roman Catholic Orphan Girls and was looked after by Nuns.
Mr.R.W.Hughes, formerly of Preston, was the architect of the building and since its opening there have been extensions, the cost of which has been provided by Catholics.
Joined to the eastern side of the Orphanage stands “St Joseph’s Institute for the Sick Poor.â€￾ This building, which has its front in Mount-street, was erected out of funds left in the last will and testament of Mrs. Holland – the lady who erected the Orphanage; and it was opened in 1877.

*Mount Street Hospital received its first operating theatre in 1910
*In World War 1 it housed wounded British and Belgian soliders
*A new wing was added to the Hospital in 1933
*In World War 2 it was used to care for Dutch and Belgian sailors
*Another new wing was opened in 1958 by Princess Marina the Duchess of Kent
*The nuns who ran the orphanage were originally Dutch and called the Sisters of Charity of Our Lady Mother of Mercy

This is my first proper post on here so hopefully you'll all appreciate it. I'm relatively new to Urbex too but i can tell you i have a pretty awesome Gopro video of this location. Ill post when its edited.

Any tips / Criticism welcome.










If you get chance fly down. Its a good explore ;)



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Re: St Joseph's Orphenage - April 2014

Great report, to be fair the standard of your pictures is really good, I wouldn't mind seeing more!


Love it!
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Re: St Joseph's Orphenage - April 2014

I really enjoyed this place when I went and I think a revisit is in order . . . .


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Re: St Joseph's Orphenage - April 2014

Thanks for all the nice comments guys! Really surprised as Ive only had my DSLR for a week! Really good community feeling on here!


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Re: St Joseph's Orphenage, Preston, Lancashire - April 2014

Cracking report! can't wait to eventually get myself down here.

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Wicked report! Very high standard there.
Looks like that last room is especially good as there is a lack of gravity.