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Report - St.Lawrence Lunatic Asylum, Bodmin, Cornwall


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Long time since I last put a report up on here, but a lot has happened in that time, which has taken my eye off the ball, so to speak.
Anyway, enough of that, and my lack of productivity, and on with this little beauty.
Bodmin Asylum has been visited by a few folk in the past, but it has always had a deserved reputation of being very, very secure. Pallasaide fencing, PIR’s in every corridor, and on the ball, prowling security have meant that it has remained probably the most intact remaining asylum in the UK. Apart from a few puddles from some broken skylights, it’s in remarkable condition considering it’s been empty for 11 years now. No vandalisim or Graffiti, and few broken windows have meant the old girl has retained much of her charm.
The buildings are completely stripped of everything, with no beds, furniture etc, although the endless maze of corridors and staircases have their own quality, along with the obligatory peeling paint!
Foster Hall has always been the big drawing point for many to St.Lawrence’s, with its huge, high domed ceiling painted in elaborate colours, funky light clusters, and Oak panelling, but this is now a shadow of its former self. The Demo crews have arrived, and the oak doors, panels, rails and mouldings are gone, and the remainder will not be long. Demolition of the complex is going to take a while, but much of the character is slowly being ripped out of this majestic old girl.

A massive heads up, and thanks go to DJFlava, who has been watching this place for almost 5 years now, waiting for the moment to arrive. Thanks for the invite, even if it did mean a 4am start, it was worth it! We managed to get about 5 hours in there, before we decided to call it a day, although a return visit could well be on the cards!
A few pics….


Corridors everywhere…..





And plenty of peely paint..!




And Isolation rooms….


Also some high security ‘cells’, in Loveny ward, for the seriously disturbed. This ward had 2 of these ‘cells’, with steel plated doors, re-inforced steel frames, and adjustable, armoured glass, peep hole hatches….


Foster hall….in the process of being stripped out…..




The only decent shot I could get of the now largely stripped out Admin block…..


Thanks for looking….