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Report - St. Margaret's Convent, Rock Ferry - March '11


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After getting dropped off after the Denbigh Fail by Shadow_Play's friends in Ellesmere Port, I got the bus back to Chez Asmodi. Not being satisfied with Denbigh Fail, I decided to hop off in Rock Ferry and try my hand at this place after seeing georgie's report, and manic28_am's report

A bit of history from The Sisters of Charity website:

We are a Catholic religious congregation of women founded in Ireland in 1815 by Mary Aikenhead. We have been working in England since 1840, and in Scotland since 1948. We have worked in many different areas and in many different ministries.
and about Rock Ferry itself:

Rock Ferry, Merseyside: 1890 - 2004
In 1890, the sisters felt capable once again of responding to needs further afield, and established St Margaret's Home, Rockferry in 1890. Here, the sisters were involved in residential care of the elderly, parish visiting, State agency work, an Irish Welfare Centre and work with the Union of Catholic Mothers. The sisters moved from St. Margaret's in 2004 and the residential home closed. One sister still remains living in the area.
According to the local newspaper, the current owners of the building are looking for a new owner, and the paper claims the building has links to the American Civil War, although it doesn't elaborate on this :rolleyes: :

THE credit crunch is hampering efforts to find a new owner for a former Rock Ferry convent with links to the US Civil War.

St Margaret’s in Mersey Lane South has been lying empty since the Religious Sisters of Charity moved out five years ago [2004].


Councilors and local history groups say they are becoming increasingly concerned about the building, which is thought to date from the 1830s.

Since becoming vacant, it has been targeted by vandals and the now–overgrown grounds are littered with smashed glass.

Riverside Housing holds the lease on the building but says that, in the current economic climate, it could be some time before a new owner is found.
Since the last reports in 2010, this place has been completely trashed, the pikeys have been in and gutted the place for all the copper they can get their hands on, and the building floors are heading towards a dangerous state.

Right, without much further ado, on with the photos


You can see the difference since the last two reports

The place is really taking a battering from the elements

This seems to be quite common place, but I don't understand why.



I couldn't find key 28, but I did find room 28 ;)



Maybe I should have reported Beardy from here?!

In your bathZ, then into your basementZ


More pictures here
Slideshow here

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never heard of this place ? i used to live on the wirral until god sent me to the promised land (lancashire ) lol , must check this place out !

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