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Report - - St Marys, Stannington 1/04/08 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - St Marys, Stannington 1/04/08

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Well Wasp

28DL Full Member
visited with mykal and angelfish (and a passing meeting with xm)

again i am rather slow at reporting things, this is two weeks old now...

anyway on with the report

mykal saw i wanted to do an asylum so proposed a bit of a trade tunstal court for an asylum, i got even more than that....

a date was set, then the day before i felt dire, so i told mykal i wasn't going to make this one, he used his skillfully persuading technique to manage to get me up in time and am glad

i took my ill preventing drugs, and the caffeine and we headed off to tunstal court, unfortunately my entry method was rather more spikey than some people like so i had a quick check round inside for alternate less clothes destroying entry but to no avail so we had to admit defeat, i will keep an eye on the site though as i think i owe them a trip their

after this a lovely breakfast would of been had, unfortunately we went to maccy d's so we were stuck with shite...

after a hearty bagel (which i was half expecting to come back up as i couldn't eat) we were back on the road, with the sound track of the rather bizarre wailings of goldfrap :crazy

we approached the site in the best stealth that we could, unfortunately, i was coughing a stupid amount, and missanglefish and mykal were joining me in this experience, but still some form of stealth was had

we walked around the site saw somebody looking rather shifty and odd in black so we got in some bushes, then noticed his bike helmet, and realized it was xm, we walked around a little more met up with him he said hello to everyone, my throat was only allowing rather odd noises to escape from it so i think i replied ghhh ffffrrrr to that, he didn't seem to phased, he then departed...

we then entered the site, we started off in the hair dressers, which personally i didn't like as much as the cherry hair dressers, it was more photogenic, and the sinks and shower heads were great


even crazy people need to have clean hair...


the main mirror for the hair cutting

leaving their we headed down the corridor, angelfish and mykal determined they were hearing people i still think it was just the wind, after one stealth moment some body decided it would be best to put a clown mask on and scare the poo out of me, i didn't feel this to be a good decision.


angelfish and mykal exciting the hairdressers


phone shot..


... paint shot...


.... ward shot..


.. finally the all essential bath shot (if i had the alone seat shot and the mirror self portrait i would have the complete set)

we had a look at the infamously weak floored hall, i has quite impressed by this place, the stage was good, and i quite enjoyed it above the stage as well, although no interesting graffiti more me to photograph this time


toward the stage


and off the stage ( i have three versions of this picture :gay)


and from above the stage

after this we walked some more of the site, mostly with no problems, their was one moment were we were all taking photos and security walked right past the window with in feet of us and didn't notice us luckily


another shot of an old ward




missangelfish's weird camera and some fern filled room


i liked it quite allot so i took a few shots :rolleyes:

after reading a report by somebody else i really wanted to check out wards 6 and 7 so while they waited out side i had a quick look, the down stairs ward (i forget which one now it was 2 weeks ago) wasn't too bad, isolation cells didn't look fun but all in all not bad, i then went upstairs and cells one and two had their windows boarded up and it was quite awful to think how people were kept in their, after looking round this a little more i returned to my awaiting companions


corridor in ward 6 or 7


and the waterlogged day room that was up their

at this point we approached what i had been waiting to see (which is rather odd) the mortuary, my reasoning behind this is most people never see something like this in their life, and i think that is a bit off so i wanted to see what one is like. I am unfortunately quite desensitized person so i can't appreciate any atmosphere that somebody else may feel here, am very scientific in my thinking so it was just a white slab people get cut up on, which doesn't bother me. it did find it quite interesting, and i think i got some decent shots (surprisingly)


from down low




finally landscape

no laying on the slab this time (by now my energy was going and i was feeling a bit poo) but if i return i will get some of the shots like that everyone gets

after the high point of the mortuary i had a look in the chapel which i was very disappointed with, i had to try the organ, i can't help it whenever i go near one i have to try a key.

at this point we were going to go home, but mykal mentioned st Georges and then angelfish perked up her ears and their was no chance we were going anywhere except st Georges

we drove past and it looked like it was sealed like a fortress, but we spotted something had a look round just expecting this to be a reccie, mykal guide us to where entry was originally had but it was miss angelfish who spotted the entry point we used

i was glad she found this as the ninja way in i had used was killing me and at this point i was having trouble climbing stairs let alone using complex entry :gay

we wandered around this site, most doors were nailed shut, but mykal has an impressive sense of direction and managed to get us to most places by circumventing these blocked ways


st Georges corridor

we found the way into the hall which was smaller than st Marys, the actually stage was more like the size of tunstal courts


st Georges hall


and again


and one last time

we then went on a wander to find the famous angel, on the way we took in the isolation cells, and i found the patient bank, but after finding ways around most of the doors we got very close and the door we needed to be through was bolted and also had a massive wooden beam nailed to it


isolation cells


patient bank


bath room

so dishearteningly we headed out and home

all in all i had a great time, so a big thank you to angelfish and mykal for taking me out and showing me two great sites

and i couldnt end the report with out commenting on mykals awsome fuzzy dice, d20 ftw

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