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Report (Permission Visit) St Michaels Church and Krasne Post Office, Krasne Village (Chernobyl)- Oct 2016


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St Michaels Church and Krasne Post Office, Krasne Village (Chernobyl)- Oct 2016

Today was a very good day because we decided to see mostly things which aren't on any Tour Bus Itinerary!

So, second day in the zone, second trip to said zone. The first site of the day and the rain was absolutely hammering it down. Hard going as we were catching the early trains from Slavutych each morning at 07:40, up at 06:00!

By now the weather had cleared up; but my poor camera equipment had suffered in the heavy rain earlier that morning and didn't want to play ball with misting and all sorts. The rain really was DRIVING that morning, soaking through EVERYTHING!

Today; we were going to do a half day in Pripyat after the Reactor 5 and 6 Complex, but instead we decided to drive right out into the sticks and experience some of the smaller towns and villages within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

It wasn't until this point that I realised quite the insane level of abandonment in The Zone. We drove for what felt like miles and miles to get here, this was right out in the sticks, and though all main roads are now reduced to narrow, single track lanes due to vegetation and shrubbery growth, it seemed like a long way away.


So after the farm, we took a look at the rail bridge we cross everyday on the train and drove a short distance to this little Church and Post Office in the woods.

The Church is still used each Christmas for a ceremony and there is a collection pot inside it for its upkeep, though decay is setting in!

I unfortunately rushed this small Post Office. It was pretty bare but had a few odds and sods in, for me the church was the one.

This is right out in the sticks and was of course evacuated in 1986 after the Chernobyl Accident.













Thanks Guys :-)


Post Office:

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Mmm, cool, I didn't see this place either.
Looks good :thumb