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Report - St Pancras International During Building Works-



Just found these pics of a visit to St Pancras International whilst it was being rebuilt last year.

Some pics are from the tunnel where the new station is now and some from outside on the access walkway to get in.

They were quite strict about security as you could imagine and they said no photos were allowed so all these pics were taken hand-held whilst walking around with the camera in the palm of my hand sort of tucked away!

The bloke who took us around knew I had my camera and said not to take any pictures near him, well, not to let him see me taking them anyway!

Hope someone finds them interesting.......

Looking north. The other end of that tunnel is at Kentish Town in North London.


This picture shows the view looking towards the station from the tunnel in the first picture. The blokes in the distance were Network Rail guys, pretty important blokes doing some kind of survey thing, they would have had us removed if they caught me taking the pictures. The big girders accross the top there are the new tracks for the Eurostar.


Looking south towards the new station......


Taken from the middle of the platform looking south. See the tunnel going off to the left, well just around that corner is the old Kings Cross Thameslink station.


Another view of the old Kings Cross tunnel. The station is about a two min walk around that corner....


Outside now and the main station being redone.....


The new platforms and station complex being built........


The new platforms and I think the outside of the new bit where the bus stops and new taxi rank is.......


Looking North towards the end of the new platforms.....


New platforms and general building works.......

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