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Hi all
This is my first report so i thought i would start with my first dip into UE! St Peters mortuary ( which topped a chart for the creepiest morgue on earth , i kid you not) was the place, its only a few miles away from me so it seemed like a good place to start! Visited in july last year and went back recently just to see if it had been trashed ( it has suffered a bit especially the torn curtains in the viewing room which was a real shame) also i saw the second set of fridges which i hadn't seen before , not sure how i missed them in the first place, found a friend in one of the fridges ( see pic:))! I suppose like all mortuary's it had an eerie, macabre feel to it which adds to the experience.I didn't spend to much time thinking about what had gone on on those mortuary slabs, but when i came out i thought that i needed to do a bit more of this exploring lark

A bit of history
The land was originally owned by Lord Botley who left the land to the local community to look after the mentally ill. Botley Park mental hospital opened in the Thirties and was followed by the Mortuary a decade later. During the war some of the beds were turned over to the wounded.My mum worked in the mental hospital from the late 50s unti the mid 90s as a senior staff nurse on nights and when a patient died on her watch she wold have to take the body down that long narrow dark lane to the mortuary ( wouldn't have got me to do it) As St Peters Hospital increased in size the small out of the way mortuary just wasn't up to the job, so inApril 2009 it was closed and a new facility was made in the main hospital!
Also some of the original mental hospital wards are still there and some seen abandoned , maybe i will go have another look soon

Here are some pics









Thanks for looking :)


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