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Report - St Thomas' Hospital, Stockport. October, 2011


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This is my first report

Me and a friend (TunnelMon) went to Stockport on the train to go to five different abandoned and derelict places. We couldn’t find the entrance to Dodge Hill tunnels, they were all locked or bricked in.:confused - We also went to E.C Pigments that day :)
So we moved on to St.Thomas’ Hospital. (The side wards) We avoided the cameras and we were in. We walked around the building into each room. In the back room there were documents about the patients in the hospital. I found it really interesting.

This is the main room after getting access into the building.



In one of the rooms, there were tons of overhead projectors and computer bases. We stopped in the bathroom because we heard a thud, we stayed quiet for a few minutes. (incase a security guard was walking around)



We went up the trashed staircase upstairs to more rooms. The roof was a complete mess and the floor was weathered and overgrown with plants. After we had finished upstairs we headed back down and noticed blood all over the reception window. It was stained running down the window. :eek: We just stood, looking.



Then decided to make a move on to the opposite building. We ran underneath the CCTV pole and got inside. This building was just as messy. I kept looking behind me on the long narrow corridor. (lol)



There were a few different rooms: Laundry room, treatment room, Sisters office, Kitchen etc. The yellow insulation was hanging down and the rain came through softly though the gaps in the roof.




And us :)

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