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Report - - Stanley and Littlebrook, Ivy Bank Mill | Industrial Sites |

Report - Stanley and Littlebrook, Ivy Bank Mill

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To say this mill is derelict is an understatement, it's virtually a ruin! The only thing that really gives a clue to it's history is the mill's gate, which is still fitted with the company and mill name. (the ali letters really do need saving before the iron backboard dropps to bits)

All the damage and dereliction aside, it is a fine old place with loads of charactor. The engine house is a fine old building, despite the fact it has lost it's roof. Patterned glazed bricks, ornate windows, and buried under the rubble a beautiful tiled floor. Push the rubble and rotten wood out of your mind and it's not that hard to picture the fellas in brown cow gowns polishing the brass on the old engine.

The mill can boast a clock tower, although it's face is long long gone. So are the steps! Most are smashed. I did attempt to get up using the stones pertruding from the wall but the constant cries from Raddog of "No Dweeb, I just... No... I would not... Dweeb" made me come down lol!


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