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Report - Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse - Liverpool - March 2012


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Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse, (Stanley Dock, Liverpool, England) is a grade II listed building and is the world's largest brick warehouse. Standing 125 foot (38 m) high, the building was at the time of its construction in 1901, claimed to be the world's largest building in terms of area. The 14 storey building spans across 36 acres (150,000 m2) and its construction used 27 million bricks, 30,000 panes of glass and 8,000 tons of steel.
The overall design is by A.G. Lyster, the Dock Engineer, but Arthur Berrington almost certainly played a part. The warehouse was a late addition to the Stanley Dock complex and was built on land reclaimed from the dock. Stanley Dock is accessible from the dock system or by barge from the Leeds and Liverpool Canal which enters under Great Howard Street bridge.
With the decline of trade going through Liverpool, the warehouse fell into disuse in the 1980s and gradually into disrepair. More recently the building has featured in the Stop the Rot conservation campaign by the Liverpool Echo newspaper. Part of the ground floor of the warehouse is used for the Sunday Heritage Market.
Various plans have been unveiled for the Tobacco Warehouse to be redeveloped into several hundred apartments as part of a larger development of the whole Stanley Dock site. The plans involve hollowing out the centre of the warehouse to create a garden-filled courtyard.


I did not get chance to explore the entire building as i wished, as security heard of our presence, i visited this site with my friend Oddball_UK



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1..2..27,000,000 bricks, 30,000 windows and 8,000 tonnes of steel to build this beauty