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Report - Stantons Foundry, Ilkeston - February 2009

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Brief history... maybe the briefest ever...

...the last pipe was cast on May 24, 2007. The last of the 185 production workers at the pipe-making factory walked out of the gates for the final time.
So there you have it. Previous reports here and elsewhere made this an explore I couldn't miss, eventually I got the chance.

Anyway, I was quite surprised to see yellow coats milling around, and a bit of traffic around the site as well. I got in OK, and at first I was surprised by the number of lights that were switched on.

First stop was the enormous cranes. I've seen smaller sports stadiums, seriously...


By far the largest crane I have ever seen...




The view from the crane gantry. Notice all the cupolas. There are two sets here, one for each furnace (so I was told). When full, these were loaded by the cranes onto railway wagons to go to the works next door...



The bottom of a blast furnace...


and the blast furnace control room...


So I'd been here for a couple of hours now, and went downstairs...


and just as I was taking this picture it all went wrong...


A bloke in a yellow coat appeared on the stairs and was coming towards me. Turned out he was a surveyor (more on that later). He really wanted me to leave, and I really wanted to stay. Final words from each of us was "We never saw each other, OK ;) "

So I made my way to the next shed, where there is an automated, suspended production line, much like we saw at Longbridge...


Well what really sucked is that I had been shopped to security, who appeared right underneath me. Nice enough guy though and quite professional. He wanted to know how I got in, but I couldn't remember :confused despite looking for a while :rolleyes:

So that was it. Out of the front gates, and denied seeing any more of the site. Mind you, it was still a good explore. Industrial epicness on a great scale.

A point to note, the site is currently undergoing asbestos surveys, and a security survey, prior to demolition. I also hear that it's going to be well secured in the next two weeks.


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