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Report - - Stockport "Deep Silt" Drain - 25/08/07 | UK Draining Forum |

Report - Stockport "Deep Silt" Drain - 25/08/07

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
A very curious entrance bunker resembling a ROC post in appearance - we had high hopes for this place. Visited 2 weeks ago with Havoc, x, the new Mendoza.

Upon scaling the ladders we came upon a long concrete tunnel around 10 foot wide and 6 foot high - with a foot of water in front of us and what looked to be a dry sandy bank about 10 metres in. Not wanting to walk around with wet feet for the rest of the day we abandoned the explore.

A week on equipped with Wellington boots, and a determination to crack these tunnels we returned on a crisp sunny morning.

The initial water proved no obstacle with the wellies and we reached the sandy bank. Turned out the sandy bank wasnt too erm sandy and more of a sloppy black gunk that appeared to be floating on the water :eek:

It seemed stable enough so we edged along the wall figuring it would be the shallowest part. The tunnel banked to the right around 20 metres ahead and narrowed slightly. Each step my foot sunk deeper into the silt combined with bubbles of air and glurping noises from beneath. We stopped and took a check something didnt seem right. We decided to head back a bit and try and retrieve some wood from the base of the entrance ladder to spread our weight.

The firmish sludge on the way in had now turned to mush my leg was now submerged to my knee and slowly sinking deeper :crazy:eek: After a scary 5 minutes of trying to retrieve my foot complete with boot we made a close escape.

We think the bottom may be as deep as 4-5 feet in the middle which isnt a nice thought :mad:

Some of the pics (only one from inside due to the "issues" unfortunetely)

Entrance shaft



Sluice gate controls?



Heading down


There was a nice island of rubbish to stand on


Only inside pic we got.


A sharp exit