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Report - Stratheden Hospital ~ Fife ~ June18


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Stratheden Hospital, or Fife and Kinross District Asylum as it was first known, opened on July 1st 1866, designed in 1860 by Peddie and Kinnear.. Purpose built to accommodate up to 200 mental health patients, the initial patient roster was 159.

Fife and Kinross District Asylum was up-to-date in its provision of a mix of single rooms and larger dormitories and day rooms for the patients. It boasted no architectural display, efficiency with economy being the requirements of the Lunacy Board. With a frontage of 410 feet, the main building was symmetrical, males occupying the east, the females the west side. The end wings were for infirmary and refractory patients on the ground floor with quiet and convalescent patients above. At the centre was the dining-hall and a recreation hall that was also to serve as a chapel, the usual arrangement at this date. On the north side, the two-storey range at the centre contained the main entrance, reception rooms, a laboratory and staff offices.

In 1896 the hospital underwent a vast extension programme in order to ease overcrowding. Over £20,000 was spent, in order to increase the capacity of the hospital to 600. A further two new hospital wings were also built in 1905 due to the increasing number of patients. The NHS Act was implemented fully by 5th July 1948. On the 7th July 1948, just two days later, it was decided that Fife and Kinross District Asylum was to also undergo a name change. Implemented in January 1949, Fife and Kinross District Asylum was changed to what we now know as Stratheden Hospital.

It became a centre of excellence in Child and Family Psychiatry from the 1960s.

Another solo early morning explore with plenty of pigeons inside flying into widows to keep me awake, disappointingly I wasn't able to get into the curved corridors and one of the wings as there was some garden maintenance going on which made access a bit too bait.



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I was unfortunate as some guys were working which made access to one of the wings difficult or super exposed, only the curved corridors were blocked off there didn't seem any way in from the inside.

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Horrendous exploring cunt......
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Nice to see some more Scottish stuff appearing :thumb