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Report - Suederunner - Walsall 02\07\09


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I found this a while back and we've been meaning to check it out for ages but things always seemed to get in the way. Being overwhelmed lately by topside epicness me & dweeb thought it was time to balance ying with yang and get into the drains again.

Epic fail for the young sir, forgetting both tripod and waders, but never being one to be outdone in the sartorial elegance stakes dweeb gets down to his pants, keeps on the suede loafers and we're off!

This is deep, chest waders are a must and keeping cameras out of the sauce is priority, harder to do than you'd think. Thankfully once in there we hit the hidden dropoffs from the bottom, not the top.

Thanks to the grid fairies the access is simple, once in it's a choice of left or right, both have promises of future win. This was a recce as the icy flow and crazy debris in the bottom of the pipe made for slow progress. Try walking through hidden piles of tyres when youre waist deep in water with a grands worth of electronics on your back.

L33t drain0r fashanz


If you can see the light brown line thats calf deep, two steps later, see where dweeb is, its waist deep... :eek:

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