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Report - Supercharger, Gortonia, Manchester - July 2016


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I wasn't going to do a report but I've got a few decent pics so I might as well bang them up

I was trying to get home from a long day avoiding work but the traffic was against me and I hadn't moved for an hour so I decided to visit the nearest drain which happened to be the Superchargers.

Supercharger A + B are culverted sections of the Gore brook which runs below some of Manchesters least desirable areas, it's actually safer to walk under Gorton than it is to walk down the streets. Jeremy Kyle drives down Mount road with a large net scooping up "guests" for how morning shows.

I parked above the outfall and noticed the strange looks I was getting from the locals as I put on my waders, they seemed confused to see someone who has a full set of teeth.

The entrance is a nice brick arch with a slightly rounded floor which is more than happy to take your feet from under you if you step up the sides, my last visit here was quite a few years ago with Camera shy and I ended up going for a swim on that visit as I crawled out of a side pipe.

Anyway enough of my rambling here's the pictures









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Nice drain and some nice shots thx for report