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Report - - Swildon's Hole, Priddy 30/08/07 | Underground Sites |

Report - Swildon's Hole, Priddy 30/08/07

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I should have danced all night
28DL Full Member
Visited with Root, Going Under, Rubber Duck, Known and Dave the Cave.

It seems they've got a bit of a damp problem down here because it was a bit wet underfoot which made the rocks slightly slippery especially when you're wearing ultra cool pink wellies (RIP). So we met up in Priddy which isn't the easiest place to find and made our way to the entrance. I honestly thought I might be able to do this without getting too wet but I soon realised this wasn't going to be like a relaxed jolly round Box where you can stop for a mars bar and chat! So onwards we went deeper into the cave, crawling and squeezing through holes and climbing down waterfalls with the help of a scary ladder until we reached the Sump. We had a bit of a sit down and then it was time to make our way back the same way. I was doing so well on the "limited wetness" thing until I was climbing round one of the big pots thinking it would keep me drier and then scream, splash, cant breathe-Yup! I'd fallen in! Baptised by Swildon's! Luckily I was fished out by Rubber Duck (THANKS!!!!) led on a rock, fainted a little bit and onwards to the surface-getting wet was not an issue now I'd taken a swim :eek: An excellent night and a real introduction to caving! Thanks to everyone involved, it was wicked! Here's some photos, they're not very good coz the camera had a dunk and it was very misty:)













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