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Report - Taitung County Police, Fifth Section Traffic Accident Team - TAIWAN NOV 2013

Clarence Trumble-Lovegod

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Hello all,

This police station has been getting gradually abandoned for some time. The last offices moved out last year, leaving the building totally abandoned. The yard is used only for the parking of government tow trucks.
This building has 3 levels, but most of the rooms and offices - now vacated, are roughly the same as each other.
The explore is interesting because of the vast amount of equipment which has been left. I'm talking loud speakers, torches, uniforms and even stab vests, helmets and riot shields. Not only that, the personal details and data of thousands of offenders and victims: ID cards, driving licences and what should be private data, has been left in the offices and store rooms of this police station.
Now, luckily Taiwan has a society which is not really that interested in anything other than shopping and watching TV, which means that although all of this equipment is left un-guarded, un-locked and generally accessible to anyone (people often park their cars in the abandoned yard), no one gives a damn about the items left inside, and therefore most of the items in the photographs below have been sitting there for months without being touched.

Right, better get to the pictures. There's a lot, so thank you for your patience.

Welcome to Taidung County Police, TaiDung Precinct. Fifth Section, Traffic Accident Team

The outside of the building. Traffic poice vehicles still park outside:

Meet your local Taidung County Police, TaiDung Precinct. Fifth Section, Traffic Accident Team:

The courtyard:

The second floor lobby:

Exterior shots:




No police station in the world would be complete without one:

Abandoned offices:

Air conditioning switches from the 80's:

OK, building formalities over, so let's get on to the more interesting artifacts:

Police uniforms and an officer's personal effects:


Torch, lamps, traffic control wands, evidence bags and megaphone:


Legcuffs, for that extra bit of kink:

Officer accomodation:

Abandoned riot gear, complete with ballistic vests, shields and helmets.


Abandoned police patrol scooter:

Store room with years of archived documents and personal information:

Cabinet with police computer hard drives, files and cameras:

Files containing fines for speeding and parking illegally - all with personal data:

Accident report (there were thosands of them - this is one randomly picked out):

Negatives (inverted using software). This is of an accident scene and deceased victim:

Shot from the roof. Opposite is another police station housed in an identical building as the one being explored:

And finally....police raid on a spider....(ha ha ha ha ha...get it...police raid..because the can of...ok...forget it)

This report barely scratches the surface. The police station is full of stuff, all of which I would love to pinch in order to set up my own little militia. However, I'd look a bit suspect walking out looking like a human armadillo, so I guess until the building gets knocked down, all that stuff will remain in place.

Hope you enjoyed the report,

I'll be back soon with more adventures from the Far East.