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Report - Tetleys Brewery, Leeds, June 2011


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History for those that dont know.... The Tetleys brewery has been situated on the South side of the River Aire since 1822 and after many year of expansion, closed on June the 17th 2011 with the loss of 179 jobs. The brewery produced nearly 185 million pints of Tetleys bitter every year aswell as many other different beers. Following an amalgamation with Carlsberg, Tetley’s is/was the 6th biggest brewer in the world, production has now moved brewerys around the country.

The story... So, i had 2 days off work, the call was made to dempsey "What have we got left on the list?" He replied "well the tetleys brewery closes yesterday?" and you know i cant resist a nice shiny brewery :gay 2 days later i was making the long drive up to meet Dempsey and Bobalow, we scouted the brewery, found our entrance and went for it ...

Unfortunatly, after taking 4 photos we set an alarm off in the next room we walked into so bailed at a fast pace, Gutting to just get a taste of what was to come, but still, we had done it! After seeing pictures from a few other people after our visit, we just knew we had unfinished business, so, fast forward a week and i was making the journey northwards again, when we arrive minus bobalow, our original entrance had changed dramatically and not liking the way we knew others had used set about finding a new way in, 15 mins later we were inside the corridor of Tetleys...




Industry isnt complete unless its shot on film...


Exploring isnt complete with dressing up...


After a couple of hours wandering and not finding any more alarms, we managed to make it onto the roof, about 20m away from the famous tetleys sign, abit of climbing around and we were there, just in time to see the sun begin to rise...


But the most important thing we had come to see was the brew hall...


With the sun coming up fast, we knew is wasnt going to be long to wait till it was fully light ...





With the sun fully up and photos taken it time to leave for the long drive home to my bed, with almost everything ticked off the list of things to see inside Tetleys it was definatly worth the time, effort and money for this one, long may the memorable explores continue! :thumb


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