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Report - - Textile works, Nr Burton On Trent - Feb 08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Textile works, Nr Burton On Trent - Feb 08

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Just a small place that I thought would be a 10 min job, but actually turned out to be extremley interesting. The building is Victorian, I'm not sure of it's history or even of the company's name, as I found nothing with it on!

What interested me is that it had been a family run affair, and there was still photos left in offices, and other reminders of the people that ran the firm. As with most small family run factories, the offices are more like front rooms, with sofas and nice furnature. There was even a small kitchen, with 'best' china in the top cupboard, I assume for when the textile buyers came round! The firm was envolved in 'Terylene' for ICI, in the 60's a huge affair as it changed the textile industry forever.


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Some old family snaps from the early 70's. This lucky fella not only enjoyed holidays but drove an E type Jag!! The business was obviously doing well in those days.
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Pics of the products the company made from Terylene.
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A letters patent for a new design of nylon rope.
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How would you describe the woman's feelings about being held in that embrace... Afraid/scared/aprehensive/unhappy??
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The 'ADDON', Which looked as good as the day it ws made.
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