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Report - Thames Valley University, Slough, England - March 2018


grumpy sod
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Depends on the time you go, if you go and the door at the far left end of the science block is closed and you are alone/badly equipped you should leave immediately as they are very aggressive and it took 5 people to take them out.
What do you mean 'take them out', what are you playing at, being Rambo?

Why not? Wednesday is gonna be my 3rd time going and my mates went there 6 times already, we go there straight after school in a group of 11 and it is so fun.
Yeah a group of 11 people is a good idea... Not.

The Explorer Returns

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28DL Full Member
Been here twice now, both times secca where on-site but never got us, they only come out if they see you, they don’t partol at all..last time I went was 2 months ago..fire damage from homeless or druggies...either way all it’s fucking dangerous the people onsite (living inside) are right cunts lol..