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Report - - The Ark, Hammersmith, 3/12/07 | High Stuff |

Report - The Ark, Hammersmith, 3/12/07

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28DL Full Member
Met up with Tank for a spin round the perimeter. Plenty of cameras to swerve, and pretty much locked down apart from the main entrance where security reside. With Tank's skill and finesse we soon found a way in. The target was the elaborate roof. Up the stairs, up the service stairs and we were on the balcony. Good, but the internal roof structure was better. Plenty of snapping...

The observation platform (highest point) was the target, but finding the way up without using the lift was proving a real stumbling block. After sifting through loads of photos and engineering drawings we worked it out. Back out on the balcony we found the fire escape staircase to the platform. Trouble was it was locked tight!! The sign said to check-in at the desk on level 9 for the key. Time we had a look around for it then...


Up in the roof space.

Gorgeous Hardwood ceiling.

Potential 10 storey fall.

Wood vs Steel vs Glass.

Glass lift (Right) heads to the observation platform. Bit cheeky using it with sec at the bottom.

Not all is as clean as it looks.
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