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Report - The Broadway Cinema - Bristol - Sept 2020


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Thought this one deserved a little report as an update of what its like now the soft stripping seems to have finished. My verdict, actually quite good considering! I really enjoyed looking at this one. To start with its wide open and inhabited by scores of the local youth who followed me around giving me the complete tour of the place as i went. The entertainment of the day appeared to be hunting round the building for pigeon chicks and collecting them all in a cat carrier to take home..!? The building certainly has been stripped back quite far but there was also a lot of original features still to see and probably a fair few of them would have been hidden behind later additions on an earlier visit. One of my favorites was a little hatch you could open in the back of the ticket booth to see what was playing on the screen, the hatch was still complete with its original smoked glass to stop a big square of light being projected onto the screen when you opened it. The projection room was also not bad with remains of a projector, crazy projectionists stool and a few other bits of toot laying about..

So yeh still gets 5/10 even tho its stripped, go have a look before its gone!












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Nice pics mate! Sad to hear about kids inside hunting down the pigeon chicks, doesn't surprise me though. Makes me feel fortunate to not running into anyone when I was there last month.

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