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Report - The Cars of Woodford Aerodrome, Sept 16

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Avro Woodford, September 2016


I've got so much to post at the minute, but almost everything is a work in progress or in need of a re-visit! Anyway, here's a nice little one for you.

I saw a thread posted up about this place last month in the help and advice section, it looked as though it had potential, with us been busy exploring the masses of industry available at the moment we put it on the back burner for a quiet weekend which came around sooner than expect to be fair...

I'd been wanting to take a look at the new Woodford museum anyway been an aviation nut to get a few pics of the resident Vulcan XM603, so a back up plan was in place incase the remains of the Avro factory didn't provide the goods. Surprisingly we never got chance to take a look at the museum as the site turned out to have more to offer than previously expected.

In the end we didn't really get to cover as much of the actual Avro Woodford site as I'd have liked, so I'll have to return soon, we got a little bit carried away with the classic cars hidden away in one of the hangars! I'm thinking of creating a compilation of what remains of the British Aircraft Industry soon anyway, so perhaps we'll have a closer look at Avro Woodford itself in that thread whenever I get round to making it! For now though, let's enjoy some classic cars!

By the way, this is clearly someone's private collection, so if you do go, remember to treat the place and more importantly the cars with the respect they deserve, I was considering an NP posting but since there's other threads from here anyway what the hell...


This will be a brief rundown on the history of the site as I'll be providing a full, detailed history as a later date in the previously mentioned future thread.

Avro was formed in 1910 by Alliott Verdon Roe which is where the name Avro comes from A.V.Ro.

Woodford was Avro's main production site, and is famous for being the home of the Avro Lancaster and the Avro Vulcan bombers both designed by Avro's lead engineer Roy Chadwick.

In 1963 Avro became defunt and the site was handed over to BAE Systems, in 2011 the site was abandoned by BAE Systems and sold off for housing.

Today the main factory has been demolished, what remains is the old fires station (now the Avro museum) and the flight hanger, stores and paint shop that are currently in the process of been prepared for demolition.


As mentioned, we're mainly focusing in the cars today, more on the airfield and Avro at a later date.

Still here's a shot inside the main flight shed, can you imagine this rammed with Vulcans, or Lancasters even!


The first car we came across was this old Ford truck, it was parked perfectly to grab a couple of pictures of what Avro may have looked like in the 50's...


Next up was a line of Porshe's and a lone Impreza which I wanted to drive home to be honest...




Would love an early Subaru...


Now we move on to the cars that I'd seen in the earlier thread...





A sea of Classics...





I think you get the picture at that, some absolutley gorgeous cars just sat about collecting dust...

It's going to take some time but maybe one day we'll see them all restored to factory condition, we can hope anyway.

Cheers for Looking!
TAW :)


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Great report, like yourself I'm a massive fan of the Vulcan and have been over to Woodford a few times but everything appears to have been flattened to make way for the new housing estate.
Looking forward to your avro report!


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The Subaru still had MOT until April 2014 wouldn't mind a blast in that.

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