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Report - The Cr@p Factory, Staffs, Oct 2011


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For some reason or another I totally forgot about this place until the other day. Visited last year on mine and Flubs's 3-day Northern road trip.

This was found totally by accident, we'd had a few early fails on a miserable rainy day and were driving around randomly, suddenly I spotted a great big looming factory building by the side of the road and shouted to stop the car....a quick u-turn later we weighed up our options. The site was right next to a police station and we noted police cars going in and out past the site every few minutes, it was also right next to the still open factory shop which, being a weekday morning, was open. However access seemed fairly straightforward so hurting from our previous failures we thought fuck it, in we go. First fence proved no issue, however as we were clambering over the internal gate a police car pulled into the car park next door....Flubs was already over and I was perched right on top, but luckily nothing came of it.

From the outside we were expecting a normal empty factory derp, however we were fairly wrong when our first view was this as we entered...


It quickly became apparent that what had once been a china factory had since been used to store...well, everything including the kitchen sink after it had stopped being a factory. Once we got over the shock, we spent about 15 minutes combing the place for PIRs, as we assumed it was still 'live', but the only ones we spotted didn't appear active, if we tripped them nothing came of it.

I think I can let the photos speak for themselves....apologies for some, most were handheld as there was barely enough room in areas to use a tripod...







Much fun was had with these sticky jelly-like penises...




Pallets and pallets full of new B&Q tables




This was the scale of the problem, and this was only about a quarter of the floor space!






Sadly all the stairwells were sealed at the top, and access into other areas was well sealed. The outside was just as packed with stuff all over the place however the heavy rain that morning had left it all a soggy mess so it wasn't much fun to poke around in.

More photos here http://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157627723214439/ :thumb

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