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The History of ROF Chorley

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The History of ROF Chorley (Hardcover)
by John Robert

# Hardcover
# Publisher: Carnegie Publishing Ltd (May 1999)
# Language English
# ISBN: 1859360637


Royal Ordnance Factory at Chorley employed over 40,000 at its peak and this book tells of the scale, diversity and human aspects of the site. An important local and national record. This book tells the fascinating story of the Royal Ordnance Factory at Euxton, Chorley. The works, which at their peak employed over 40,000 people, are now partially closed and undergoing redevelopment. The authors of this important publication have had access to a vast archive of information and photographs, and most of the 170 illustrations selected, some of which are full colour, have never been seen before by the public. Throughout the 200+ pages of this beautifully produced volume, the scale, diversity and human aspects of the site and its work feature prominently.
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