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Report - - The Plug - St. Helens 17/07/08 | Underground Sites |

Report - The Plug - St. Helens 17/07/08

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Carr Mill Dam in St. Helens, originally built to power mills, it was greatly expanded to supply the sankey canal in the 1750's. It was further enlarged when they upgraded the railway lines, and something that wikipedia won't tell you is that I grew up about half a mile away and would swim and fish tehre constantly.

While Stoka and I were in the area looking at something else, and testing the new dinghies we'd bought, we happened upon this by pure chance, lol.

Originally I thought that it was the end of the drain plug for the dam, it's been emptied a few times, but not while I've been alive. Now I'm not sure. It could be where the water was taken to supply the canal, it certainly heads off in the right direction, but the name's sticking for now.

It's very short, but it's my fave so far, just because of where it is really, and it is lovely and unchaved. The only real signs of previous people is carpet over the pipes at the end, and some "graf" scratched out of the calcium deposits at the end.

It's a brick arched affair, with a steel pipe all the way long, changing in width and height in a couple of places.

At the end, a brick wall with two pipes coming out. The open ended one looks like it ends in a blanking plate, but I reckon I'm going to go look see when I've got a skate board. :D








The rest are on my Flickr - Carr Mill Dam Drain