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Report - THE STATION HOTEL -ellesmere port -NOV 2019

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HISTORY- built in the 1870s, originally called the "the railway commercial hotel" was run by a mr john mcgarva and known locally as "mcgarvas railway hotel ". in 1909 an impressive and ornate extension was built onto the left side of the buildings frontage and the whole was renamed the "station hotel". a further single storey extension was added to the right side in 1912 thus creating the longest bar in the country !
James Mcgarva took over the mantels as victualler , and he and his wife would start pulling pints an hour and a half before opening time in anticipation for the local clientele , when the whistle blew to mark the end of shift at the local ironworks , the ironworks dominated the town , hundreds of men would descend upon the pub to sup their pints before dragging themselves home .

in more recent times "the station hotel" has at one time been voted best kept pub in ellesmere port !(not sure if this is a joke ?)... it also advertised itself as a NO FRILLS,NO FUSS,NO GIMMICKS, NO BULLSHIT kind of pub . in 2015 the pub was temporarily shut for 8 weeks by order of the magistrates court , 14 violent incidents in a 12 month period had been reported to the police with some of the fights spilling out onto the street ! 11 pieces of intelligence in relation to drugs had been reported to local detectives , on entering the premises it became apparent that drug taking and drug dealing was blatantly obvious ! a PC MORRISON from a local policing unit described the pub as " CENTRAL TO THE DRUGS TRADE IN ELLESMERE PORT " The landlady Ms bleasdale who denied being aware of drug taking on the premises , told the court that the pubs finances are in dire straits and that she has not been able to pay herself in 18 months !

THE EXPLORE- i had been driving past this pub for a couple of years til i did a little recce on the place , i managed to get into the cellar , but found no way up into the pub ? how strange i thought ? on a later occasion i managed to find a way inside , but did not enter as i had work to do ! i couldn,t get back to take advantage of my entrance for a week , by this time whoever was looking after the place must of found my potential entrance and tinned it up !....6 months later on a casual drive by ...i found that the wind had dislodged one of the boarded up groundfloor front windows and local scallys must of bricked the window !? wunderbar i thought ! i doubted that my large frame would fit through the window frame , i came back a week later and took measurements of the window and then me ! the next day undercover of darkness n fog i squeezed through.....it took me 3 attempts to leave the pub just before dawn !..... lol

PHOTOS- outdoor pics were taken with a mobile phone on a previous occasion in the daylight , pics of the cellar were taken 6 months prior to the indoor pics of the pub , which were taken with a SIGMA 10-20MM wide angle lens on a CANON eos 70D held precariously with one hand as i held a light in the other. ENJOY THE PICS FOLKS !
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