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Report - The Swiss Cottage, Ramsgate - August 2012


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Taken me a few days to get around to it, so here we go. This was the penultimate stop on Stealth and I's mini tour of Ramsgate on Monday, and I'm told that it was a pub that Stealth himself used to drink in. It had since changed its name to Braces... for some reason. Access was a doddle, a man carrying a dog even said hello.


Access was such a doddle that the place was trashed on the inside, and we took adequate care so not to place body parts on any needles that may have been lying around.


Unfortunately some of the dipshits that had got in had taken their prepubescent problems out on rolls of till roll, which 'graced' the main area.


The pub was pretty much split into three areas. The above photo shows the very back room of the building, with the lower and upper levels of the back part of the building looking like they were inhabited. The upstairs had floorboards up and evidence of someone living there recently.


The second main area was the upstairs level of the pub, which had its own bar. Covered in glass, both from windows and glasses, it wasn't exactly a pretty scene. Some reminders of the building's original use before it became a vandal's paradise remained.


This level also contained the day's best chair shot :D


The grand, sweeping stairway led down to the lower level, the main bar of the pub, the final area. The floor was covered down here, I did try an interesting shot of a smashed TV frame, but upon reviewing it looks like I must have wobbled the tripod :rolleyes:




The place is pretty derp-effing-tastic now unfortunately, which is a shame because the original features looked lovely.


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