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Report - The Wormhole Cave, New Brighton, Wirral, Sept 2010


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Here is a report from the archives from around a year ago. I have seen it discussed but not ever reported on here so I think it will be interesting to the new local explorers who will have missed out on it.

Very little is known about this place. It appears to have originally been a natural inlet/cave that at sometime has been adopted, had parts extend and shured up with brick walls and sections of arched roof.


The cave starts as a small man made archway in the cliff face where the sea used to come up to until about 80 years ago when they extended the seafront and reclaimed loads of land. The arch is still visible but sadly I don't have a picture. This section heads inland and is completely backfilled up to the currant entrance area which from then on is a mostly natural cave.

The cave is said to have been used as a smugglers cave. Boats could moor up at the entrance, the goods could then easily be taken inside and then up to the house that is conveniently built on top of the main chamber inside. I guess the currant house on the site is not the original. The place is full of names and dates carved in the walls. The earliest is apparently from 1619.

The place has been open to the public on rare occasions in the past hence the festoon lighting and the stupid gargoyles. I first went down here with my mum when I was a child. I also remember the 'why don't you' gang (80s kids tv show, anyone else old enough to remember?) visiting it when the show was in the area.

Please note, shortly after the time of this report, the place got a bit too popular with local explorers. People started to not respect the place and used to turn up in the middle of the night drunk and larking about, so the owner of the tunnels, quite rightly got pissed off and secured them. So please don't go traipsing through peoples gardens looking for it, its sealed.

On with the pictures. Explored with Trancentral, Ste, Wheels and Diggingdeeper.


Looking in the direction of the sea


and the the other way inland



Investigating the old route up to the house







Again, the backfilled tunnel to the old sea front


Wheels came along dressed as that guy from the Splinter Cell games.


Thats all folks. Thanks for looking.

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