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Report - Thrapston Iron and lime stone works

Hay folks well last weekends little explore was a good one and also a case of three birds and one stone as I was itching to have a mooch with my camera and secondly the urbex mutt wanted a walk and thirdly the mrs wanted to find out what urban exploration is about so she joined me (fair play glad she never wore her flip-flops).
Well the site we visited was Thrapston’s Iron stone and lime stone works.
Well Thrapston has become a bit of an obsession as it is rich in the history of mining and quarrying as most of this part of Northamptonshire is for these minerals.
Well the site which was next to the old midland station was used for the preparation of the lime stone and iron stone ore for transportation and played a big part in supplying the local steel works (Stewarts & Lloyds) Corby works and the last freight was in the 60’s.
Well I will be further exploring this side of Northants at the weekend as the site still has so many hidden secrets hiding in the woods and the mines are my goal in time.
on with my photos and hope you enjoy







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